Where Did We Come From & Where are we Going.

I have been asked by several people why I wrote the book.

There is no simple answer. After 35 years in recovery, I have learned that recovery is a long and difficult path. In Alcoholics Anonymous, it’s suggested that AA is the only path to recovery. Then why do 75% of its members relapse?  

I believe we need AA to stay sober, but to change our way of thinking, acting and behaving, we need to explore other programs as well.  These programs include meditation, to learn awareness of who we are. I believe we need a spiritual growth program where we practice our own ideas and principles, aside from what is taught in AA. And we need personal growth programs, where we learn about who we are, clarify what we believe in, see how we act in society compared to other people and learn the basic behaviors all humans enjoy and possess.  I’d also suggest going into therapy. All humans live their lives a little differently, but we all have common similarities.

To understand how a happy, joyful and rewarding life works, we all must learn the basic rules of human nature.  Each person will create his or her own plan and path.  But to do this, we need the tools to build our new life and path.  Humans are not born with the knowledge of how to live life.  We must learn and educate ourselves. 

Gordon and Sandy worked hard on their new path.  Their path to recovery might have been shorter had they known where they came from and where they were going and how to get there.  I know we all will work our recovery plan in our own way.  Recovery requires a lot of time, work and commitment.  I hope my book will assist you in planning a path for your future life, if you feel you need to change.

Gordon Calahan