Gordon Calahan was bone and raised in Denver Colorado. After attending Denver public schools, Gordon applied and graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in building and real-estate. He married, Sandy Williams and for the next twenty years, worked in the family construction business and Sandy as a nurse, at a local hospital. Gordon and Sandy raised two boys, Richard and Donald. It was a time of partying, hard drinking and living life to the fullest. They enjoyed adventure, which included flying their own Beach Bonanza airplane, named Bonnie, sky diving, scuba diving, sports and traveling.

In1984, at the age of 44, their lives changed dramatically. Gordon and Sandy finally realized that they were alcoholic and that their lives had to change. The use of alcohol was out of the question. Their life style would have to change and extreme behavior would have to be brought under control and softened.

Thus, Gordon and Sandy joined AA (Alcoholic Anonymous), attended many personal growth programs, learned mediation, entered therapy and found new friends who were working in similar recovery programs. To further his education, Gordon would enroll at the Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado and graduate with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Gordon continued to work in the family construction business and Sandy worked as a nurse at the hospital. Life finally began to change for the better. They were happy and enjoyed the recovery work even though sometimes it was hard work. Gordon became involved with a dear friend, Narayan Shrestha and together they worked with a charity, Helping Hands Health and Education, to build schools and hospitals in Nepal and Butan.

Gordon built a school in Narayan’s home village in Nepal. Please visit our web site. Today, Gordon, after 34 years of sobriety, still works in the family business, managed and run by his two sons. He works AA, enjoys attending personal growth programs and working with people who are in recovery. He is also very active in the financial activities of the Jefferson County School system, second largest school district in Colorado. At age 80 he is still going strong and is in perfect health, no medications. He says he will continue working, less hours and give himself to helping others, as long as he can.